Sunday Funday: 1 day ticket sales and parking questions answered!

1. Will there be ticket sales at the door?

Yes, tickets will be for sale at the door. However, the price will be increased from the last ticket sale price so if you want the best price buy tickets a head of time online or from Sacred Herb or Ditch Records in Victoria BC.

2. Will there be single day tickets for sale?

Yes, we will be selling Sunday only tickets at the door for $60. Gates open at 9am and close at 8pm on Sunday.

3. Will there be Saturday/Sunday only ticket sales?

There will be tickets on sale at the door on Saturday; however we cannot guarantee a reduced price for Saturday/Sunday only tickets.

4. Is the parking off site or on site?

If you purchased onsite RV and camper van parking you will be permitted to park on the property. Otherwise, you will park in the designated parking area and get a free 3 minute shuttle ride to the venue drop-zone. We then have an ATV with a trailer on it that will help drop items off at your chosen campsite. Also, between 1pm-5pm on Friday we will have extra staff available to help with this process.

5. Will there be security?

Yes, there will be security. The parking lot will also have 24 hour security.

I hope this answers some of your Qs! If you have any more feel free to reply to this posting or ask on our facebook page. Have fun party people!

Kalisi ❤


Schedule Announcement: DJ Lineup

1044537_10151694796166550_825088480_nThe facebook page has been buzzing for days: “Whose playing?” “When does ____ play?” “I don’t want to miss my favourite DJ!”…

So here it is folks, the DJ Set Times are as follows:




– River –

4 pm – D Lok

5 pm – D-Set

6 pm – Ian Anthony

– Axis –

7 pm – Michael McCaffery

8 pm – Skylo

9 pm – Given

Special Ed

Special Ed

10 pm – Special ED

11 pm – Cedar Senior

12 am – Generic

1 am – Trever

2 am – Gano

3 am – Alex Joy

4 30 am – Graham B.

5 30 am – Tomas Jirku ( live )

– Center –



6 pm – DJ plan

7 pm – Aperture

8 30 pm – Greenlaw

9 30 pm – Woodhead

11 pm – Neighbor

12 30 am – Worthy

2 am – Taal Mala

3 30 am – Dead Air

4 30 am – Monolithium




– River –

10 am – Intrinsic

11 am – Tall Guy from England

12 pm – Fedski

1 pm – E. S. B.

2 pm – Frivolous

3 30 pm – Matt Rose

Chicken George

Chicken George

5 pm – Chicken George

– Axis –

6 pm – Lyssa

7 pm – Spineshaker

8 pm – Re_Click

9 pm – Tech Cows

10 30 pm – Triple D

12 am – Rene LaVice

1 30 am – Grimm



3 am – Outsider

4 am – TBA

5 30 – TBA

– Center –

3 pm – Philly P.

4 pm – Marc Gerrard

5 pm – Natron

6 pm – Nick Karma

7 30 pm – Emily Spiller

Emily Spiller

Emily Spiller

8 30 pm – Chicken George

10 pm – J. Boogie

11 30 pm – Luke McKeehan

1 am – Johnny Fiasco

2 30 am – Rennie Foster

4 am – Lori Ward & T. Orlando


– River –

10 am – Lasquiti Cove

Johnny Fiasco

Johnny Fiasco

11 am – Michael B. Lacey

12 pm – Solomon Potashnick

1 30 pm – J. Feud

3 pm – Casey Nefcy

4 30 pm – J. Boogie

6 pm – TBA

– Axis –

6 pm- Joelboy

7 pm – GI Blunt

8 pm – Primitive

9 pm – Degree

10 pm – TBA



11 pm – TBA

12 am – TBA

1 am – TBA

– Center –

3 pm – Hristo

4 pm – Lalu

5 pm – Logik

6 pm – Mykee

7 pm – Thom Banks

8 pm – Mr. Moe

9 30 – Koosh

11 pm – TBA

Dj Logik

Dj Logik

12 30 am – TBA

Dos and Don’ts of Resonance Festival


Bring warm clothes for the evening and light clothes for the day time


Bring glass bottles


Bring snacks and food to eat


Make a fool of yourself or be disrespectful to staff


Arrive early for the best camping spots (Gates open at 12pm Friday)


Reserve a bunch of campsites for friends who are showing up on Saturday evening and remain empty for days on end


Make new friends and let people camp in your site if you have room!


Get up early and blare your own music


Get up early and make breakfast for everyone in your camp site!


Bring your pets




Trash your campsite and the venue grounds


Set up a recycling center in your campsite and encourage others to do the same!


Wait until last minute to purchase your tickets in case they sell out


Have the best weekend of your SUMMER!

Stay tuned for the DJ Time Slots announcement, parking info and much more!

Resonance Festival Gate Times

One big question we’ve been getting is: When can we arrive? Here are the gate times:

Friday July 26th


Saturday July 27th


Sunday July 28th


There will be 24 hour security at the gate; and there is a possibility of late entry but no promises so please arrive during gate times!

What you’ll need: Bring your ticket and two pieces of ID. Plain and simple.

See you soon beautiful people!

Kalisi ❤

The Importance of Ride Shares

rideshareHello party people!

I’d like to take a moment and remind you how important ride shares are. These are a great way to get to know your new neighbours, share stories, and split the cost of gas (which we all know can be a burn considering its 1.41 in Victoria right now!). If you have space in your car, please consider picking up a fellow passenger or two or three. Click Here and check out the board. Even if you can drive people one way that might be super helpful to them! We at Resonance really appreciate it!

Share the Love

Kalisi ❤

To costume, or not to costume? That is the Question.

Copyright Xavier Photography

Copyright Xavier Photography

More than ten years ago I embarked on an epic journey to my very first music festival: Soundwave. Each trip was a tale

Copyright Xavier Photography

Copyright Xavier Photography

of adventure, triumph and friends coming together. Every year my amigos and I would bring colour co-ordinated outfits and elaborate costumes in order to partake in what I liked to call: Neverland. Music Festivals became a place where I could be completely free, throw aside all my commitments to work and school and enjoy from 3-8 days of complete indulgence. Whether it be sun tanning, dancing beside 3 of my best friends on a log on the beach to my favourite music, dressing up as if we were still 5 years old or drinking before noon, we took every opportunity to explore our true selves as we hid away amongst the trees. Since then I have gone to Shambhala, Sasquatch, Victoria Electronic Music Festival, Tall Tree and this year I will attend Bass Coast for the first time. At each festival I have gone to I have seen some elaborate costumes; ones you can tell have taken months to plan and/or create as well as others that had been thrown together last minute.

So my question to you is: Do you dress up? Why or why not? Should Resonance uphold this tradition or will this be a new scene all together?

There is no right or wrong to this question; I am merely interested in hearing your perspective.

Copyright Xavier Photography

Copyright Xavier Photography

For me, I plan on dressing up with the rest of my wolf pack on Saturday. Fur and all. Feel free to join us; but if it isn’t your scene don’t feel as though you must partake. Resonance is what you make of it; it is exactly what you need–whatever that may be.

Kalisi ❤


Photos Courtesy Xavier Photography

Food for the Soul: Resonance Amenities

home-banner1Our friends at the Refined Diner decided to share their menu choices with us. Here is what you can expect:

$8 Crispy cheese burger
$8 Falafel po’ boy
$8 Oyster po’ boy
BBQ tacos $4 each 3 for $10
$7 Poutine
$3 Home made French fries

Breakfast Options:

Sandwiches and possibly pancakes for $5

And drip coffee for $3

Any special requests? They may add some surprises!

More Packing Tips: Food Edition

Pretty much the only difficult thing about going to a Music Festival is packing your stuff in to the camp site areas then packing it back out three days after partying your heart out. Your feet are swollen and sore, your back hurts, you leg muscles are stronger but more tender, and you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in at least three days. So, here are some tips:

432195_578737632159454_242699140_n1.  Decide what meals you are willing to purchase at the event. Recently I have opted to buy a delicious breakfast every morning as well as a delicious dinner. It is way less hassle and will usually cost you $10 or less per meal. At Tall Tree Music Festival in Port Renfrew I was able to get breakfast for $4-8 and dinner for $6-10. At Resonance we will have the delicious Refiner Diner Food Truck available for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

2. When you go grocery shopping pick up a few snacks that are easy to consume when dehydrated. How many times have you bought crackers and cookies only to find they are hard to eat because you’ve been drinking? Here are some suggestions:

a) Pre-make a fruit salad and place in a tupperware container and put it in your cooler. Make sure to pack some forks/spoons and a drizzle of lemon juice on top so it doesn’t brown.

b) Canned fruit is always delicious (peaches, nectarines, pine-apples). But again, don’t forget the can-opener!

c) Fruit sensations Apple sauce/peach sauce/berry sauce. They are good for those mornings when you really don’t feel like eating anything.

d) Pre-make veggies and dip.

2. Forget about lunches. From my experience most people are having too much fun at this point so don’t bother packing anything for lunch unless you are a huge foodie. Once again, you have the option of buying food if you are starving and don’t have any left.

These are great for storing food

These are great for storing food

3. Pack everything in to a clear tupperware container. That way it is easy to find what you are looking for and you don’t have to dig. Put all your utensils in there as well. Just make sure to store it in your tent in case you have some hungry neighbours!

4. Bring a liquid breakfast. If you have had too much fun the night before it may seem impossible to eat. Therefore, I always suggest buying a pack of boost. These are also great for mid-day recharges and you can always put a shot of Bailyes or Kahlua in it!

5. Make sure to purchase some Gatorade or Powerade. This is perfect for hangovers and restores your electrolytes after dancing for 5 hours straight. Also, bananas are good for this as well but are often hard to keep from browning.

6. Pack one or two meals for the trip. You will most likely be putting this together the first night of the event when you have lots of energy and want to sit around a camp stove with some of your best pals; I mean let’s be honest, you probably won’t see them for a day or two after this! Music Festivals have a way of swallowing up your friends. Some ideas:

a) Burgers! Who doesn’t love burgers?

b) Do a potluck and get everyone to bring something like potato salad, pasta salad, tuna salad, etc.

If you think carefully before you purchase food you can make it easier to pack things out the next day! Of course these are just my suggestions: you know yourselves better than I do. Pick some of your favourite treats but just don’t over pack. There is nothing worse than wasted food or crushed up bags of chips nobody can eat.

Party safe and stay Gorgeous!

Kalisi ❤

The Importance of Keeping Clean at Music Festivals…

“It’s 9am Monday morning and you’ve had an amazing time with friends old and new, and all you want to do is pack up and get on the road. So what do you do? You decide to leave one of your tarps that ended up having a whole in it; the camping chair you brought that has been destroyed by a neighbour and the garbage that scatters your camp site. You’re too tired and you just want to get home to have a shower.”

If this sounds like you, or someone you know who is coming to Resonance, please pre-plan so this doesn’t happen! Because if you don’t clean up, that means someone else will have to and that just isn’t fair. They’ve had the same experience you have; so please follow this simple list of things you can do to help us help you have a great time and be able to do this all over again next year!

Human eye with the recycling emblem inside File contains gradients1. As soon as you set up your camp site; put together a garbage and recycling station. Let your friends know which bag is bottle recycling and which bag is for garbage. As soon as one is full, tie it up and bring it to one of the many recycling/garbage stations around the venue for staff to collect.

2. When the sun begins to beckon you out of your tent each morning and you can see the debris left from the night before; have a 1 minute clean up party with your camp site! Get everyone to help grab a few pieces of garbage and place them in the appropriate bags (personally, I always liked to get pals to do this when there was already some drinking involved. They are much more likely to help out then). 

3. If you plan on sneaking out nice and early on Monday; try to clean up as much as you can on Sunday night. But please try to reserve 5 minutes or so in the morning to pack everything up and leave no trace. images

We will be trying our best to keep the garbage and recycling areas nice and clean throughout the whole festival so we would appreciate it if you worked with us and made this a smooth clean up for everyone 🙂

Have a great party and keep clean!

Kalisi ❤