More Packing Tips: Food Edition

Pretty much the only difficult thing about going to a Music Festival is packing your stuff in to the camp site areas then packing it back out three days after partying your heart out. Your feet are swollen and sore, your back hurts, you leg muscles are stronger but more tender, and you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in at least three days. So, here are some tips:

432195_578737632159454_242699140_n1.  Decide what meals you are willing to purchase at the event. Recently I have opted to buy a delicious breakfast every morning as well as a delicious dinner. It is way less hassle and will usually cost you $10 or less per meal. At Tall Tree Music Festival in Port Renfrew I was able to get breakfast for $4-8 and dinner for $6-10. At Resonance we will have the delicious Refiner Diner Food Truck available for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

2. When you go grocery shopping pick up a few snacks that are easy to consume when dehydrated. How many times have you bought crackers and cookies only to find they are hard to eat because you’ve been drinking? Here are some suggestions:

a) Pre-make a fruit salad and place in a tupperware container and put it in your cooler. Make sure to pack some forks/spoons and a drizzle of lemon juice on top so it doesn’t brown.

b) Canned fruit is always delicious (peaches, nectarines, pine-apples). But again, don’t forget the can-opener!

c) Fruit sensations Apple sauce/peach sauce/berry sauce. They are good for those mornings when you really don’t feel like eating anything.

d) Pre-make veggies and dip.

2. Forget about lunches. From my experience most people are having too much fun at this point so don’t bother packing anything for lunch unless you are a huge foodie. Once again, you have the option of buying food if you are starving and don’t have any left.

These are great for storing food

These are great for storing food

3. Pack everything in to a clear tupperware container. That way it is easy to find what you are looking for and you don’t have to dig. Put all your utensils in there as well. Just make sure to store it in your tent in case you have some hungry neighbours!

4. Bring a liquid breakfast. If you have had too much fun the night before it may seem impossible to eat. Therefore, I always suggest buying a pack of boost. These are also great for mid-day recharges and you can always put a shot of Bailyes or Kahlua in it!

5. Make sure to purchase some Gatorade or Powerade. This is perfect for hangovers and restores your electrolytes after dancing for 5 hours straight. Also, bananas are good for this as well but are often hard to keep from browning.

6. Pack one or two meals for the trip. You will most likely be putting this together the first night of the event when you have lots of energy and want to sit around a camp stove with some of your best pals; I mean let’s be honest, you probably won’t see them for a day or two after this! Music Festivals have a way of swallowing up your friends. Some ideas:

a) Burgers! Who doesn’t love burgers?

b) Do a potluck and get everyone to bring something like potato salad, pasta salad, tuna salad, etc.

If you think carefully before you purchase food you can make it easier to pack things out the next day! Of course these are just my suggestions: you know yourselves better than I do. Pick some of your favourite treats but just don’t over pack. There is nothing worse than wasted food or crushed up bags of chips nobody can eat.

Party safe and stay Gorgeous!

Kalisi ❤


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