Interview with Headliner: Rennie Foster

Rennie-Foster_by-Mark-Oxley-860x1288Rennie Foster took the time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with us! Here is what we learned and wanted to share with you:

My name is Rennie Foster, also known to some as the infamous B-Boy, Dub Nut One. I was born and raised in Victoria, BC, where I discovered breakdancing, graffiti, and skateboarding in the 80s and have been involved in forging paths in underground subculture there since then. I built my first DJ set up, well over 20 years ago from pieces that I acquired at Radio Shack, Value Village,  and The Salvation Army. In 1988, I discovered “House Music” through mix tapes coming from the Eastern US and have been on a mission to make everyone dance to it since then. I have twin daughters, now 13, that I have raised on my own since they were toddlers. I moved away from Victoria to Toronto, then to Tokyo, Japan, and have been there for the last decade. I returned to Canada in 2011, and now I live in Vancouver. I have released a lot of records, especially with Detroit labels, like Transmat, Soiree, Subject Detroit, Teknotika, Motech etc. and other classic labels like Synewave and F-Communications. I currently record for Rebirth Records, Thoughtless Music, and some other labels, including running my own small label, Dirty Works.

What type of music do you play?

I play my own original style that is related to House Music and Techno, but not any particular “sub genre”. It is influenced by many eras and movements of underground dance music and is shaped by attempting to bend rules and definitions rather than following them. It doesn’t fit into any of the usual boxes, but you could say it is something like, “housey techno and techy house music”, but certainly NOT “tech-house” haha.RF-by-Mark-Oxley-4

What should we expect from you at Resonance?

To turn it out.

 How long have you been playing music?

I have been involved in music in one way or another since I was a kid.

What is your favourite thing about performing at Music Festivals vs. Clubs?

I like both, for different reasons. I am definitely known more as a club DJ I think, but I also like playing festivals. Just being outdoors, under the stars or sun, and in nature, is a very fitting environment for the dance ritual I try to evoke when I DJ.

 What should partygoers expect from you?

What they give on the floor I will try to give back with all my heart and ability. If you would like to check out what I am about musically, please tune into my weekly LIVE broadcast, every Monday night at 9:00 pm @

 What is unique about what you offer?

I think I have my own way of thinking about DJing, that is unique to my experiences touring, and being around, and involved in so many eras of the dance music movement. I have learned a lot from mentors such as Laurent Garnier and Derrick May about programming music in such a way that has a lot of artistic merit. I try to show commonalities throughout many musical ideas that will change the musical perspective of the dancer. My style of mixing is also unique, drawing influence from Hip Hop turntablism and Detroit techno, it’s a chunkier and sometimes aggressive style that is different from the smooth blends favoured by many DJs, although the smooth blend is an influence too.

Tell us about your favourite music festival experience (as a performer or attendee).

In Japan I played the Nagisa Festival several times, both in Tokyo and Osaka. It’s a festival that draws approx. 40,000 attendees and is just an amazing experience. I also had the honour to play the first ever Soundwave, when it was just a small event with a few local DJs. I had no idea it would grow to be the legend it became well I was away in Japan. I also played the first VEMF, and then returned as a headliner in 2010. It was fantastic to see the growth of my hometown’s dance music community. I am so proud of the people that continue to put so much love and energy into it, often against many odds.

What are your hopes for Resonance?

I hope to see a successful event for all involved, with no serious problems, and a good time had by all. In the days of “EDM”, where everything seems to be about being as big and popular as possible, I like to see an event with a theme of quality over quantity, and being for people who truly want to be a part of it. Back to the grass roots of the movement.

Who have inspired you to do what you do?

That’s a very deep question. Artists like Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, Derrick May etc. are both inspirations and influences, but also non-musical entities, like Malcolm X, or Keith Harring, have been massive inspirations, many “non famous” people as well. No one has been more inspirational to me than my twin daughters, Dahlia and Mariko, who have profoundly shaped me as a person and artist.

 What is one thing you want your audience to know about you and/or your performance?

I am profoundly dedicated to what I am attempting to do artistically. It is literally, my life’s purpose. If you open your heart and mind to me on the dance floor for a couple hours, I will give you everything I’ve got in return. It’s not just performance or entertainment to me, it is a ritual, and a communication, through art and music. As deep into that as you want to go, I will go with you.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Yes! Please check out some new releases this summer such as my “Legionnaire” EP on Thoughtless Music, my “Nagisa” EP on Restructured Records, my track “Floatilla” on the Beyond The Dance 4 compilation, on Derrick May’s Transmat label, my track “Low Boxing” on the “Reverence” compilation, on Soiree Records, Detroit, and my track “World Keeps Reachin'” on the “Golden Tracks” EP, released on French label, Blooming Souls. Please tune into my weekly LIVE radio show “Unknown Pleasures”, EVERY MONDAY at 9:00 PM (PST) on Thank you very much! See you at Resonance!

Rennie was even nice enough to share some free music for download! Check them out here:

RFlogoBDJ Mix for Free Download (with track list)

2 FREE tracks for download


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