Resonance Festival comes together with the Victoria Youth Clinic…

res5On Sunday July 7th the Resonance Festival Crew came together with the Victoria Youth Clinic and helped celebrate the end of PRIDE WEEK by throwing an excellent little shin-dig at White Eagles Hall in James Bay. All proceeds from the door went directly to the Youth Clinic as Staff and DJs volunteered their time to help raise much needed funds for the downtown clinic.

As the crowd bounced to the tunes of Lori J. Ward, Lyssa, Skylo, Hristo, Bendy, J-Feud, and Solomon P, pleasure and delight radiated from the dance floor.

Those in attendance were also given a taste of the amazing visuals from none other than Resonance Festival’s own visual conductor Photon! My favourite part was seeing all the smiling faces, friends and especially the elaborate costumes.

As the party came to an end James and Natty called out 3 different numbers attempting to find a winner of the Resonance Festival Ticket. Finally, Lucas’s number was called and he bounced to the front to collect his prize. We can’t wait to see him put that ticket to good use!res1

I have to say I am absolutely stoked to do it all over again in two weeks at Resonance Festival! Make sure to get your tickets asap!


Kalisi ❤

Tickets Available Here


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