The Perfect Packing Guide

Perhaps it is because I am a girl and have many ‘essential’ items I ‘need’ to bring with me to Festivals but I find that packing is always a struggle. Whether it is packing my luggage or the car, I can never fit everything I want to bring in! However, I’ve finally found some strategies that work and I would like to share them with you!

Lay out each outfit to make sure you have everything you need

Lay out each outfit to make sure you have everything you need

1. Start packing the day before you had planned on packing. That way you have time to do laundry if any needed items are dirty and to lower stress levels on the day of the final pack. Plus, as you hit the pillow you will remember a ton of stuff you forgot instead of waiting until you are halfway to the event to remember.

2. Purchase large zip-lock bags, or even better, purchase the ones that you can squeeze all the air out of to make them compact.

3. Lay out each outfit for each day (or if you are like me, 2-3 outfits for each day). This way you won’t over pack items and only wear half of them then have to do 3 loads of laundry when you get back! For one day I always pack 1 outfit for a hot day (A tank, shorts, and bathing suit), 1 outfit for cool/rainy weather (leggings, short or long sleeve top and sweater) and a costume (Anything goes!).

**The great part about this is that you won’t have clothing strewn all over from digging in your bag! Each outfit is ready to go in its own sealed bag AND won’t get dirty if you don’t wear it! Plus plastic bags can be re-used for soiled/wet clothing.

3. Place all items in to your backpack with your First Aid Kit, Toiletries and waterproof jacket.

Roll each item up and fit 1 days worth of clothing (2-3 outfits) in to one plastic bag

Roll each item up and fit 1 days worth of clothing (2-3 outfits) in to one plastic bag

4. After you have chosen your outfits roll up each item of clothing very tightly and place in to the ziplock bag. If you are like me you might want to include a pair of sunglasses and/or any other accessories for the outfit in the bag.

5. Then you will need to choose two pairs of sandals (as, notoriously, one set always breaks), some rain boots and sneakers and place those in to a separate re-usable bag. Make sure to wrap your gumboots in a plastic bag of their own.

This should help you keep the amount of stuff you bring to a minimum ( or whatever ‘minimum’ means to you!). For some more great packing tips check out my blog post on called “Packing It Around”. Here you will find a few more great tips on keeping the amount of items you bring to a minimum.


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