Protect yourself!

As a frequent Music Festival Attendee, Safety is one of my main concerns when attending a multiple day festival. Here are a few tips for Resonance Festival Participations:

1. Bring your own drinkable water.I always bring a large jug and fill up my re-usable water bottle frequently throughout the day. And easy way to remember is that every time you go to the bathroom or visit the campsite it’s time for a nice cold slam of BCs finest drink–water!

2. Wear hearing protection. Purchase a pack of orange earplugs (these are better than the purple/tan ones I swear!) and use them to sleep in AND party out front of the main stage! If you are like me and enjoy dancing right in front of the speaker these are a must. Or do yourself one better and purchase some EarBuddies which don’t muffle sound but protect your ears from damage.  To WINFREE PAIR of EarBuddies check out My Facebook Page and enter the contest.

Ear Safety is a huge concern when attending festivals

Ear Safety is a huge concern when attending festivals

3. Sleep! Make sure to take a nap or sleep for at least 6 hours. I have found the best times for shut-eye are between 4am-11am (as the sun begins to heat up the tent around 10) and 6pm-9pm because the sun is beginning to go down so it is nice and cool. Sleeping in tents is definitely hard to do but if you go to bed around these times you’re sure to get some shut-eye and be ready rock as soon as the your feet hit the dance floor.

4. Sun Protection; it’s what all the cool kids are doing. Bring a collection of cool hats with you to the Festival; they make any outfit super cool and provide much needed sun protection. Nobody likes going floppy from heat stroke. Also, be sure to wear sunscreen and bring lots to share. I suggest a good ol’ SPF 30 to last you through the peak hours of sun time. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep on a half-inflated bed with a sunburn.

5. First Aid Kit; Just do it. Bring your own mini-first aid kit with cleansing towelettes, bandaids, tenser bandages and ibuprofen. If you are drinking ibuprofen is pretty much the only anti-inflamitory you can take. Also, bring some ginger gravol to stave off hangovers and icky stomachs. I also suggest immodium in case you eat that undercooked hamburger you were too hungry to wait for and some Pepto. Oh, and don’t forget those little packets of Emergen-C! I always have one in the morning to help perk myself up!

Take care of yourself out there guys! And please leave comments on YOUR safe partying tips!


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